February Meeting Summary

Envision – Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

Speaker: Justin Waples  


Justin Waples, PE, ENV SP, PMP is Central San’s Recycled Water Program Manager and the Bay Area Clean Water Association’s Recycled Water Committee Co-Chair. Justin has worked in the field of engineering for 28 years, with experience including private, public and defense industry sectors. Justin graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne Australia with Honors in Environmental Engineering.



As cities continue to grow and the effects of climate change become more prevalent, the need for sustainable and resilient infrastructure becomes paramount. Envision is about supporting higher performance through more sustainable choices in infrastructure development. The framework provides a flexible system of criteria and performance objectives to aid decision makers and help project teams identify sustainable approaches during planning, design and construction that will continue throughout the projects operations and maintenance and end-of life phases. 

Envision not only asks are we doing the project right, but also are we doing the right project?

Learning Objectives

  • Gain      insight into the Envision sustainability rating system

  • Understand      at a deeper level what sustainability and resiliency looks like

  • Discover      the 5 sustainability and resiliency indicators for infrastructure

  • Incorporate      sustainability and resiliency philosophies into projects

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Here is the link to the hand outs during the meeting:


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