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How much does it cost to sponsor a meeting?

It costs $100 to sponsor one monthly EBME meeting.

What are the perks of becoming a Corporate Sponsor?

The perks of a corporate sponsor are as follows:

- 5 minute presentation of your company. This could be in the form or a highlighted project, company overall history and overarching themes, or anything you want o present on

-Logo plugged in at every table

-We allow you to bring your company's swag and marketing to our members

-Added to our contacts list to get the most up-to-date information on future meetings for networking purposes.

-You would sponsor meetings for Engineers leading the industry today such as public agencies, high visibility projects and more major projects, etc.

-Money Giveaway with a shout out and thanks to the corporate sponsor

How do you become a corporate sponsor?

You can fill out this form located here:

You will be added to the list of potential corporate sponsors where we can ask you or your company to sponsor a meeting for a public agency speaker (i.e. City Engineers, Director of Public Works, Presenter of a major project, etc.).

Who can be a Corporate Sponsor?

Most of our corporate sponsors are staff or employees of a private firm or company that are seeking to plug in their firm or company to our members and are willing to pay the $100 corporate Sponsor fee (lunch not included). They typically spend their 2nd Wednesday of that month they are sponsoring the meeting in person at Legends at Diablo Creek. They normally pay for the $25 lunch but it is not required to buy a lunch to be present. They have a 5 minute presentation prepared, and swag prepared to be given to the attendees.

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